Run Rachel Run

The journey of an un-sporty unfit girl as she learns how to run in Berlin...

Taking it easy…

Now it’s the week of the race - 6 days to go - I’m taking it easy with my runs. I’m just going for gentle jogs.

Today’s run was 25 minutes. I have no idea of distance. My aim is to get out and stretch my legs a bit and not have any targets of time or distance. Then give it my all on Sunday for the race.

Goodbye Couch-to-5k, hello Couch-to-10k

There’s been a slight shift in focus over the weekend…

As many of you will know I’ve been following the C25K plan the last 4 weeks. It’s been going well but it is quite slow- it takes 8 weeks to get to 5k. My lovely running partner is keen to build up her running (as am I - I think). So she started looking for 10k races in Berlin in the summer.

Unfortunately there are no 10k races in the summer. There is however, one on the 6th May, the problem is that’s only 4 weeks away. So I’ve decided to bite the bullet and see if I can run 10k in 4 weeks time. This means increasing my training schedule and getting a bit more serious about the whole running malarky.

Yesterday I ran 20 minutes without stopping. I have no idea of what that distance is, but it felt like a long way.

So, what do you think? Am I crazy to do this?

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