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The journey of an un-sporty unfit girl as she learns how to run in Berlin...

Three sleeps to go…

Only three more sleeps until my race on Sunday. I’m starting to get a little anxious… I have managed to persuade a few more friends to sign up and run as well, which is great.

It seems that almost everyone I know in Berlin runs, it must be the new hip thing! Or else it’s the cheapest thing. Berlin is very hip but also very poor - maybe running is both…

I’m also looking forward to the 10km race. It looks like it’ll be raining on Sunday - but that’s ok. I prefer rain to 30C heat.

and breathe...

I’ve been thinking a lot about my breathing, especially now my runs are getting longer and longer. Breathing comes so naturally so I didn’t think it would be an issue. A few people have already given me a couple of tips about how to breathe when running. I thought my body would somehow know and get enough oxygen in my lungs at the right time. Now I’m not too sure.

The problem is when I’m out for a run and begin to think about how I’m breathing I suddenly become really conscious of my breathing and then over think it. I don’t think that helps!

Above is a link to an article I found with 7 helpful tips. Will try them out on my next run…


I’m still recovering from my run this afternoon… It was so tough, definitely the hardest one by far. The aim was to run 9k and not to worry about time, just to go slow… I did manage the 9k, but there was some walking in between - 7minutes to be precise. Think it took me over an hour.

Today has been glorious sunshine, I’ve been out in my summer dress and flip flops eating ice cream. I had thought by 5.30pm the temperature would have cooled, but unfortunately not. The weather was 29C (which is about 84F for you Americans) - that’s just too hot for me. Foolishly didn’t bring any water with me either - so also not ideal. I should have been more prepared!

Next week is the big 10K race - 1 more kilometres than today. I’m hoping for an overcast day for the race and will be stocking up on liquids before and during the race. Fingers crossed it won’t be as hard as today’s run.

Will be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow. I’m leaving now for a Polish dinner at a friend’s house, maybe vodka with help my tired limbs?

Clocking up the miles (and/or kilometres)…

First run of the week completed… 8k in 45 minutes.

Just at the point when it was getting tough it started to rain and all I wanted to was turn around and walk home, but I kept going and followed the route I’d decided. I felt great albeit very sweaty when I got back 8k later. So, progress is really starting to happen, 10k is looking more and more doable. I just need to add 2k more and than I’ll have reached the big 10K.

I also decided to be very good this evening and cycled to meet my friend across town for dinner. I cycled 7k there and then of course back. I did have a rather large portion of jerk chicken, rice and peas. It’s very rare to find Jamaican food in Berlin, so I felt it would be rude not to eat jerk chicken.

I ran and cycled a grand total of 22k today - so that’s not too bad…

Mission accomplished!

Today I ran for 40 minutes, distance wise that was just over 6km… I can’t quite believe it, I also feel fine now, several hours later. 

After the first 15 minutes I felt that I couldn’t really go on and then it got easier - what’s that about? I ran along the streets, through all the hipsters and the yummy mummys and after 20mins arrived at a beautiful park. Running through a lovely big park with lots of other runners was such a nice change to running around the smallish park near my flat. I think that helped spur me on. 

There’s still a fair way to go to get to 10km, but it now feels possible. Next week I’m going to focus on my distance rather than time and see if I can get to 8/9km. Will try and sneak another run in before that, though on Sunday morning. 

Me and my iPod...

I went for a run today. I didn’t hit my target of running non stop for 30mins - I got to 25mins and slunk off home.

I think the only reason I didn’t head home after 5 minutes was due to the fact I was listening to music, it really did spur me on.

I saw this link on The Guardian website - the article is about the writer training for a marathon in Moscow. She tells how audio books really help her keep training during the baltic winters.

I think next time I run on my own I’ll try an audio book. I have lots in German to help me improve my language skills, not sure that will keep me going!  It’s probably best to stick to something in English, perhaps something of a who-done-it like a Sherlock Holmes story.

Goodbye Couch-to-5k, hello Couch-to-10k

There’s been a slight shift in focus over the weekend…

As many of you will know I’ve been following the C25K plan the last 4 weeks. It’s been going well but it is quite slow- it takes 8 weeks to get to 5k. My lovely running partner is keen to build up her running (as am I - I think). So she started looking for 10k races in Berlin in the summer.

Unfortunately there are no 10k races in the summer. There is however, one on the 6th May, the problem is that’s only 4 weeks away. So I’ve decided to bite the bullet and see if I can run 10k in 4 weeks time. This means increasing my training schedule and getting a bit more serious about the whole running malarky.

Yesterday I ran 20 minutes without stopping. I have no idea of what that distance is, but it felt like a long way.

So, what do you think? Am I crazy to do this?

Getting fitter…

Evidence that I ran for 15 minutes continuously today.

Three Rules for the New Runner

Brilliant tips and article…

The streets of London. This is my friend’s road where I was staying. If you look closely right in the background is a traffic warden - at 9am on a Saturday morning! There are some things I definitely don’t miss about living in London.

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