Everyone’s Running…

I arrived back today from a few days back home in the UK. As I looked around at Alexander Platz station I saw lots of people wearing tight lycra and trainers. No, they weren’t making their way home from a night of clubbing, they’d all just finished the Berlin half marathon.

As promised, I ran this week in Manchester and London (photos to follow later). I was in Manchester during the week and was surprised to see so many runners were out and about on a Thursday lunchtime.

I also had no idea how sporty Londoners are. I was at a friend’s wedding on the Friday and therefore felt very smug and superior when I went out for a run at 9.10am on Saturday morning. This feeling lasted about two minutes. I ran around Highbury Fields in North London, which isn’t a massive field but is very nice. There was a large group doing pilates, a youth group doing football training. I counted four personal trainers giving one-to-one sessions and I accidentally joined a race… I had no idea London was this active. Obviously when I lived in London I didn’t venture outside at 9am on a Saturday morning so didn’t realise there was so much activity.

  • Apr 1

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